Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Victoria's Secret Ruched Convertible Dress

Victoria's Secret Ruched Convertible Dress
One dress, so many sexy ways to wear it
Comes with how-to-wear instructions
Imported polyester/spandex matte jersey
• Slim fit
• Ruched on sides
• Drapey matte jersey has a smooth, polished texture
Can be worn in a variety of styles, including:
• Strapless
• V-neck
• Cross-back
• Double-strap one-shoulder
• One-shoulder
• Halter
• Knotted-strap halter
• Twist-front halter
• Twist-around
• Back-braided
Or create your own look. The possibilities are endless
Brand New
Color: Berrylicious (1st pic, top extreme right)
Size: XS - Fits XXS-XS


Stephanie said...

What color is the dress in the picture and how is yours so short?

snowy princess said...


thanks for viewing.. the color im selling is stated. "berrylicious" (top extreme right piece that model is wearing)

the turquoise blue piece is my own, and length wise is adjustable as it is ruched. length wise also differs from sizes, like for example, size XL would definately belonger than size XXS.. on a rough gauge, it'l be slightly above knee for a 1.6m

hope that helps, thanks!